Rattan Series (Update)

An update to our previous post regarding the Rattan Series (Link: Rattan Series (New Launch)

Our compact mini roller (model: 31-HK-2044) was recently on display at the September 2019 Food and Hotel Thailand and the response was good due to the lighter material used for the cart.

We now have a catalogue for the Rattan Series, which is now available for download from our website. Alternatively, you may wish to access the file via the following link:

2019 Rattan Series Catalogue

Rattan Series (New Launch)

It is our pleasure to announce a new series that we have been working on for the past few months. With the idea of making our popular models suitable for use in the outdoor areas of hotels, we developed the Rattan series of housekeeping and front office carts. The Rattan series are weather and UV resistant; it is also our take on a contemporary furniture look that will complement the cozy and homey interior of your hotel.

31-HK-2044 is the first model that we are launching and there will be other models from the Rattan series that we will launch from this space.

New Company Logo






We are pleased to launch our new company logo. This new logo is in conjunction with the celebration of Forbes Industries USA’s 100th Year Anniversary. We would like to extend our greatest appreciation to all of our valued business partners!